Despite AIDS Concern’s continual education efforts, only 0.0007% of people in Hong Kong book HIV tests each year.
With their traditional marketing approach proving ineffective, AIDS Concern needed a new way to drive testing.
To drive testing, we invited people to send our audience a message that couldn’t be ignored – a text from their ex.

Each anonymous SMS appeared to come from an ex who had discovered they might be HIV positive.

20 seconds after the initial SMS, we sent another message that revealed AIDS Concern as the source of the message.

The SMS provided a call-to-action that drove people to our microsite where they could make an immediate booking.
To generate these messages, our microsite enabled people to select one of four SMS templates that they could anonymously send to at-risk friends.
Test bookings doubled from the previous year, setting a new record for AIDS Concern.

The campaign was covered on Hong Kong’s No. 1 online media site for mobile and Hong Kong’s largest news portal.